Pest status: As with other Hodotermitidae there is some uncertainty as to the scale of the importance of Hodotermes as a pest of rangelands and cereal crops. Rates of removal differ due to variation in termite density, but Coaton & Sheasby quote figures of 274-3,170 Kg/ha. Certainly pest control measures have been taken against H. mossambicus (Coaton, 1958), but their effectiveness has been questioned (Nel, papers). In most cases damage to rangelands appears only to be important when stresses of some kind (over-grazing, drought etc.) have led to very poor productivity, and Hodotermes removes whatever is left (Wood, 1996). Coaton (1962), Duncan et al. (1990) and Duncan (1997) discuss control methods, especially the difficulties inherent in baiting.

Has been reported as damaging wheat and other dryland cereals, cotton, (Wood, 1996).


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